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X-Cel Dental, P.C.

Aesthetic & General Dentistry


About Us

X-Cel Dental is an Up-Scale Dental Office. Our office puts safety, quality services and customer satisfaction on the top of everything else. X-Cel Dental, P.C equipped with modern equipments and technologies

Cerec 3D is the only chair side CAD/CAM restorative device for onlay, inlay, crown and veneer (one hour visit only)

The Waterlase MD is a dental device that uses a combination of YSGG laser energy and water. It’s a process called HydroPhotonics which allows us to perform many traditional dental procedures with less anesthesia such as: fillings, crowns, onlays, inlays and veneers. With the use of Waterlase there is minimal invasive, more precise type of treatment and preserve tooth structures. Most of all is the comfort that you deserve to receive every dental visit.

Casey Cosmetic Imaging is a software, allows you to see what the "after" looks like on the computer before you committed to have a smile make-over.

Kavo DinogDent Caries Detector is a device, allow dentist to detect your micro cavity that eyes and x-ray could not detect.

Schick Digital X-Ray allows dentist to take your x-ray to a computer right infront of you. This immediately gives you and our dentist to view any pathology without waiting for x-ray developing process. It is a time saving device and reducing more than 90% of radiation.

An Intra-Oral Camera gives patients a close-up look at their oral conditions while we exam their oral cavities and oral pathology and allows patients to see before and after snapshots

Computerized Apical Locator and Electro-Roter Endodontics are the two devices which provide a greater level of comfort while reducing 90% of your time on the chair when you have root canal therapy done in our dental office.

Additionally, we have a Laser-device for surgery that allows your healing time to shorten, with less bleeding and infection free.

Last and not least, we also have a LaserSmile for teeth whitening process which accelerates your bleaching time by 85% faster compare to traditional bleaching trays and outdated Brite Smile.

We also offer Payment Plans and Discount Fees for patients who do not have insurance coverage. We accept insurances, cash, visa and master. For more information, please call at (212) 219-2027.